About Me

After five years studying and working in London I realised I couldn’t possibly live anywhere that wasn’t by the sea, and I came back to Kent to settle in beautiful Folkestone, which fills me with joy every single day.

I worked for a sports TV channel for seven years then I retrained in Marketing and now I can wang on about digital disruption, SEO and analytics until I hate myself.

In April 2017, we welcomed Baby on Toast in to the World, and now in addition to my bread-and-butter soapbox feminist rants I find myself chatting a lot about weaning and CBeebies.

I am a passionate advocate for women sharing their stories, and just as I’ve chronically overshared in the past about anxiety and body dysmorphia and my difficult pregnancy, I’m looking forward to taking my place in the ever-growing gang of mum bloggers who refuse to keep quiet about emergency c-sections and loneliness and being puked on on a daily basis.