My Top 5 Apps for New Mums

Anyone that judges a Mum for being on her phone to much can fuck off. Not only is it a portal to adult conversation, but there are a bunch of apps that can save your sanity if you know what to look for. My phone has been my life line since Baby on Toast was born, so here are my personal top 5 must-have apps for new Mums:

We used this for the first couple of weeks because Baby on Toast had some feeding difficulties, and we were advised to keep note of how much he was drinking, and ensure he didn’t go too long between feeds. I also put little notes in to remind me what time each bottle was made, and how many wet/dirty nappies we were getting (because midwives and health visitors kept asking!). You can also keep track of breast feeding, i.e. which boob and for how long.

Mush is described as ‘Tinder for Mums’, and helps you to find other like-minded Mums in your area.

You may have seen founders Sarah and Katie doing the media rounds recently, even teaming up with Kate, Wills and Harry’s Heads Together campaign to raise awareness of the effect of loneliness on mental health.

In addition to private and group messaging your new mum friends, there is also a hub message board for your local area and you can read Mush Guides on everything from toddler friendly recipes to pelvic floor exercises.

Alternative: Peanut is a similar deal, but even more like Tinder in that you swipe up or down to connect with Mums (or not). I personally don’t think it’s as comprehensive as Mush, but it’s worth trying out both in order to find as many Mums as possible in your area.

Being cooped up in the house alone is one of the biggest hurdles to keeping your mental health intact in the early days. Hoop collates child-friendly events in your area, from baby massage classes to family-friendly theatre. Invite your new Mush friends and get out there!

Sleepy Sounds is a noise making app featuring lullabies, white noise and nature sounds. This app accounts for about a third of my battery usage every day, because the ‘Heavy Rain’ setting puts my colic-y baby to sleep in seconds (I’m not even exaggerating).

Alternative: Soundsleeper offers some alternative noises, including Womb, Car Ride and Seashore, categorised by Newborn, Infant, Toddler and Parents. All babies are different so it’s worth trying both apps to see which sounds your baby is most receptive to.


Add a photo everyday to the Tiny Beans calendar and you’ve got a great way to keep track of much your little one is changing. You can also keep track of measurements and milestones.

The best thing about Tiny Beans, though, is that if you add all your family and friends’ email addresses, they will automatically be sent an email once a week with the previous seven days photos. Everyone gets regular updates about the baby and you don’t have to do anything!


NCT Babychange: This award winning app has an interactive map to show you where the nearest changing facilities are to your location, and facilities are rated by other parents according to cleanliness.

Calpol: This app has loads of useful features including keeping track of medication dosage and temperatures, find your nearest pharmacy or hospital and a selection of soothing lullabies you can play.

What family/baby/mum apps can you not live without? Tell me in the Comments or on Twitter/Instagram! 

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